Kids Parties in Dublin

Our Party Themes

      At Magic Celebrations choose from our themed parties to make that day special for your girl and her friends.

      This is a big party for little people and their furry friends! Come to a Teddy Bear Picnic to play games, go on a bear hunt, dance, sing and laugh! Your Teddy will thank you for it!

(Suitable for little teddies and people of 4 years of age)


       When all the colours have disappeared from the Magical Kingdom of Unicorns

there is only one thing left to do: go to Rainbow Island and get them back.

The journey is full of adventures and thrills.

One colour - one game - one chance to play and win! 

(Suitable for colour lovers of 5 and 6)

     Frozen in a Winter Wonderland will transport you to Icydust,

the Kingdom with no summer. With snowballs flying

the dancing reindeer have had enough of the cold. The girls

help them to bring the flowers and the grass back to Icydust. 

(Suitable for the warm hearts of 5 and 6).

     The Fairy Dust Goes Missing so it's up to the girls to save

all things magical. The Evil Gnome is a powerful enemy

but with a bit of planning and a few tricks to muddle

his powers, the girls are sure to win.

(Suitable for brave and fearless girls of 5 and 6).

     Princess Academy is the school that no girl wants to miss.

With difficult subjects such as gracious waving and how to curtsy,

singing, dancing and French, only mastering the art of chopsticks

could stay in the way of getting the Royal certificate.

 (Suitable for little princesses of 5 and 6).

     Come to The Mad Hatter's Tea Party, start expecting the unexpected when everything seems to go crazy. Packed with loads of up-side-down fun and inside-out surprises,
this party will not be easily forgotten. (Suitable for Queens with young hearts aged from 6 to 7).

      A laser maze to defeat, puzzles to solve, fingerprints to match,codes to crack, invisible ink to reveal and bombs to bust! We challenge all  Super-Spies,  Novices (7 and 8 year olds) and Masters (9 to 11 year olds) to complete the mission and find the secret stash! 

     The stage is ready, the microphones are on and the lights are

beaming on all the Pop Star Divas out there. Come and find out what

it takes to become The Ultimate Girl Band in this fun-tastic,

light-hearted competition. (Suitable for all aspiring stars aged 7 to 12).

     Big Candy-Rush Bash, a celebration of all

things Candy! (Suitable for those with

a serious sweet tooth of all ages).

      If you are one of those girls who keeps dreaming

about the glamour of the cat-walk we have the

perfect party! All Things Fashion celebrates the

creativity of the designer and the grace of the

model in a dream-like fashion show!

(Suitable for the inventive minds of girls from 8 to teens).

      For those who are searching for the perfect spell the place to party

is Hogwart's School of Witchcraft & Wizardry. With magic and spells,

fun and games school should always be this much fun.

(Suitable for the lovers of Harry Potter, boys and girls, from 6 to 12).

      Do you want to experience the magic of glow stringing?

Choose this Glow-In-The-Dark Party and let the glow spice

up the fun while playing old time favourite games and learning

new the sparkling dark...

(Suitable for ages 10 and up and parents alike).


....We also have themed parties for Halloween, Christmas, Easter and even Valentine's Day and if you still can't find the right idea...just call and we can work together to create that special party!